Feng Ironhead

The Red Larch blacksmith


Feng is an ageing but tough half-orc that has been smithing from his shop “Ironhead’s Forge” in Red Larch for many years. He mostly spends his time these days fixing horse shoes and waggon wheels are the town is a popular stop along a busy trade route. His pride however is his weapons, especially axes, his finest of which hangs on display in his shop, so whenever an adventurer passes through town looking for new gear Feng is more than happy to get a chance to work on a weapon or armour again.

Zhou met him early in the adventure and they got along well, largely because Zhou gave him some interesting work to do. Zhou commissioned a custom punching weapon initially, and later returned and ordered a custom double ended pole-arm type weapon, similar to the ‘gythka’ used by the Thri-kreen warriors that Zhou fought during his time in the army.

Kerelia also met Feng early on and he has supplied her with arrows a couple of times. He is now a big fan of her too since she gave him a fun challenge, armour for Remus the bear.

Nephrene met Feng once before the party set out into the Sumber Hills and purchased a longsword from him.

Feng Ironhead

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