Tag: Vendor


  • Endrith Vallivoe

    Vallivoe is the parties point of contact for the Harpers in the north. He sells all sorts of oddities including the occasional magic item from his small store in Red Larch.

  • Feng Ironhead

    Feng is an ageing but tough half-orc that has been smithing from his shop "Ironhead's Forge" in Red Larch for many years. He mostly spends his time these days fixing horse shoes and waggon wheels are the town is a popular stop along a busy trade route. …

  • Grund

    Grund is a slow but cheery half-orc from Red Larch that sells pickles from a small cart on market days. He was used by 'The Believers' to guard their underground meeting place but the party convinced him to abandon them and Vallivoe gladly took him in …

  • Garlen Harlathurl

    The owner and barman at the Helm at Highsun. [[:gundalar-feystal | Gundalar]] contracted him to keep an ear out and take notes of any rumours going around.