Dalthir's Campaign

Perhaps we should be moving on
Returning to Redlarch

28th Highsun – The parties new Duergar friend Kippen departs, apparently to return to the underdark, and the party sets off with released prisoners in tow towards Red Larch.

On the road they are ambushed by a group of well armed and armoured assailants riding giant vultures. Two of the prisoners were unfortunately cut down but after a brief battle the party dispatched with the villains continued on.

Arrival in Red Larch meant catching up with their friend Vallivoe, where they discovered the dwarven sage, Bruldenthar, that they had released from the Cult of Black Earths prisons was infact affiliated with the Harpers as well. He revealed he had been part of an important delegation travelling from Mirabar when they had been attacked on the road south of Beliard. Most of the guards were slain and the rest taken by the earth cultists. They were ferried across the Dessarin River by pirates that were paid with Bruldenthar’s beloved books and he has offered the party a reward for each that is returned to him. The earth cultists, on their way to the monastery, were then attacked by bandits flying on giant vultures and the members of the delegation got separated. Bruldenthar is especially concerned with the fate of 3 important delegates, one was taken by the flying bandits, the other two were separated from Bruldenthar’s group by the earth cultists shortly before arriving at the monastery.

The party also commissioned a new ride for themselves, an extravagant stagecoach, which they named Perhaps.

The story so far
A summary of the adventure prior to obsidian portal tracking.

5th Highsun – A pair of adventurers, Zhou Bei-long and Gundalar Feystal, associated with the Harpers, are sent to investigate unnatural happenings in the north near the Sumber Hill.

16th Highsun – They meet up with a Harper agent, Kerelia, in Amphail and continue on to Red Larch to meet the local contact, the eccentric curiosities peddler, Endrith Vallivoe.

18th Highsun – They arrive in Red Larch and hear of several disturbances, from earthquakes to thunderstorms to monster sightings. The rumours around town suggest the closest thing to check out is a “plague” at a nearby spot known as Lance Rock. What they find there is a cave inhabited by several undead, and the necromancer who raised them, a man named Orieoth, who seemed to be acting out of fear of a projection of a strange eye.

19th Highsun – Next they decide to check out the surrounding area a bit more, they spend the day investigating minor disturbances around the land. They drive off some bandits, releasing a captured bear. They find a strange skull pinned to a tree stump by a huge black arrow. In the evening they check out rumours of mysterious figures in the quarry on the north side of town and discover an hidden underground structure beneath Red Larch. It turns out a secret society calling themselves “The Believers” was using this place as a meeting spot and that the group had recently been joined by a priest of earth, Larrahk. They killed Larrahk but the fate of The Believers as a group is still unknown.

20th Highsun – The group attempts to purchase a wagon for easier transport around the region. They discover that the wagon maker is having troubles with his supply of lumber and decide to head to the logging camp in the next town over to investigate. They spend the day travelling to Ershire and have 2 notable encounters along the way. First they are ambushed as they are crossing a ravine by Black Earth cultists. They quickly dispatch the bandits and discover Larrahk had been exiled from the cult and that the cult had a base in the southern Sumber Hills near the Dessarin River. The second encounter was with 3 very unfriendly men in strange wing suits, they were harassing the group and just generally being buttholes when Zhou decided to attack and the party quickly dispatched the foes.

21st Highsun – They set out from Ershire to the logging camp and discover that the forest has been overcome by an evil spirit, and that the Earl of the town is currently lost somewhere in the forest. With the help of a friendly dryad, Azolae, the party save several loggers, battle many plant men, and eventually find the Earl, Wallace Viktir, with his retinue, which includes the paladin Nephrine. They agree to help Viktir out of the forest if he will move logging operations away from Azolae’s territory. On the way out they are confronted by the physical form of Onnu, the spirit controlling the forest and eventually slay him after a difficult battle.

22nd Highsun – They visit Viktir in his manor and discuss several things. They learn that he, Orieoth, and the 3 wingsuit assholes from the road were all member’s of a group from Waterdeep known as the Feathergale Society. Due to recent changes in the group Viktir left them and suspects they may be up to some nefarious dealings out of their new based, a tower in the Sumber Hills. Nephrine has no interest in staying as this nobles bodyguard, she came to the north to investigate the same new that had attracted the party and so she joined their quest.
The party then spends the rest of the day travelling back to Red Larch.

23rd Highsun – With leads on the possible location of a Cult of Black Earth base the party set out across the Sumber Hills. After a hard day of travel across the rough terrain the group camps out in the hills and while out scouting, Zhou finds a structure hidden in a quiet ravine.

24th Highsun – In the morning they head down and discover the structure is an old monastery that the cult has taken for itself. Gundalar manages to talk them through the door and into a meeting with the head priest, Qarbo. He leads Qarbo to believe the group are infact cult members recruited by Larrahk before his exile and Qarbo sends them to be introduced to the abbess, Hellenrae. She weighs up these new recruits and decides to put them to the test, after beating Zhou quickly, Gundalar blasts her with a powerful scorching ray and she concedes that these new recruits might be worth something after all. The party are given uniform robes and put to work on various tasks around the monastery, until Zhou gets bored and goes to attempt to press Qarbo for more information. Getting frustrated at the insolence of these new comers, Qarbo gathers them in the main hall and declares he is going to truly test them. He then dumps them down a chute into a room with a large Umberhulk, assuming the monster will kill them. However, the party managed to defeat the beast and climb out, are which point Qarbo, now clearly intimidated, backs off, seemingly accepting the group as cultists. The party slips out of the monastery back to their camp in the hills fearing the cult may try to kill them if they sleep there.

25th Highsun – The party decides to wait before returning to the monastery and spends the day exploring the surrounding hills. They run into a monstrous Bullette and manage to slay it.

26th Highsun – The party sneaks back to the monastery and down into the preiously unexplored basement. The fight off some orog and orge guards and then discover a very old, very powerful, possibly undead, wizard in a secluded room. This wizard, Renwick Caradoon, said he didn’t really want to get involved and would just rather continue his mysterious work but he recognised the potential long term threat of the cults activities so offered help in the form of a few magic items and sanctuary within his chambers in the monastery.

27th Highsun – The party slept through the afternoon in Renwicks chamber and at night returned to the basement. There they found the orog guards had been replaced with a group of duergar. They cut most of them down and captured one that tried to flee, named Kippen. With their new guide they explored the mines and found several prisoners that had been used as manual labour for mining. They released one, Brunldenthar, a dwarven sage from Mirabar. They then moved up to clear out the rest of the monastery, managing to get a jump on Hellenrae and quickly executing her in her sleep. Once they reached the dormitories things went less smoothly. They got a jump on several sleeping monks but then the rest of the rooms started waking and a long battle ensued. The party came out victorious with only Remus falling unconscious for a moment and with Qarbo, and many other cultists, dead. They released the remaining prisoners and backed out to their camp in the hills.


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