Dalthir's Campaign

Perhaps we should be moving on

Returning to Redlarch

28th Highsun – The parties new Duergar friend Kippen departs, apparently to return to the underdark, and the party sets off with released prisoners in tow towards Red Larch.

On the road they are ambushed by a group of well armed and armoured assailants riding giant vultures. Two of the prisoners were unfortunately cut down but after a brief battle the party dispatched with the villains continued on.

Arrival in Red Larch meant catching up with their friend Vallivoe, where they discovered the dwarven sage, Bruldenthar, that they had released from the Cult of Black Earths prisons was infact affiliated with the Harpers as well. He revealed he had been part of an important delegation travelling from Mirabar when they had been attacked on the road south of Beliard. Most of the guards were slain and the rest taken by the earth cultists. They were ferried across the Dessarin River by pirates that were paid with Bruldenthar’s beloved books and he has offered the party a reward for each that is returned to him. The earth cultists, on their way to the monastery, were then attacked by bandits flying on giant vultures and the members of the delegation got separated. Bruldenthar is especially concerned with the fate of 3 important delegates, one was taken by the flying bandits, the other two were separated from Bruldenthar’s group by the earth cultists shortly before arriving at the monastery.

The party also commissioned a new ride for themselves, an extravagant stagecoach, which they named Perhaps.


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